Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nerdfighting Event.

So, unless you live under a rock or for some reason don't like John Green (I just don't think we can be friends... j/k), you would probably know that John was on tour for his new book, Paper Towns. Well, He came to Seattle and so did Hank. I got to go. So the event started at 7:00PM. I had a doctors appointment at Children's at 2 P.M. So my mom was happy, because we wouldn't have to pay for the ferry for just a book signing.
Anyways, we got lost about ten times in downtown Seattle which are mostly one ways and you get lost a lot. We arrived at the Seattle Public Library at 6:30-ish. My sister and I waited in a line, while my mom parked the car. About ten minute till, the line starts moving and I am like Thank Godness, my leg hurts and how I hate crutches. So, we are just following the line and all of the sudden... there is Kayley and Kristina from the Five Awesome Girls. They are handing out little red tickets. So, we go to our seats and wait. I see my friend Megan and I haven't seen her in forever. My mom comes in like five minutes before the 7 P.M. At 7, Someone form the University Bookstore and another from the Seattle Public Library. They introduce John and Hank. John and Hank come out and have there cameras out and are filming. Everyone is cheering and really excited. Hank goes and sits down. John talked about Paper Towns. He then read Page 23, which is one of the best pages every.
John then introduces Sweetafton23 aka Molly and she plays My Hope and Road Trip on her ukelala. She was amazing.
Anyways, John comes out and introduces Hank. As if he needed it. Hank plays Eight book and The List, which was amazing.
John comes back and then there is Question and Answer. It was quite awesome. Hank and John both answer a few. Then John starts signing books and we start waiting in line. I see Christi from ShinyHappyVloggyPeople and get a picture with her. So finally, we get up and John signs my books. I get a quick picture with him. Now, I have Let it Snow, Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska signed. My sister stole my copy of Katherines.
Then my sister and I go see Kristina and Kayley from the FAG and get a picture with them.
Then lastly we get a picture with Hank, because we have to catch a ferry (that we miss.).
Sorry that my pictures kind of suck. I have more, but they have yet to get developed.
Here are some Video of the event:
So,the lesson of this blog is go to John Green's book signings. I think it is now the Tour de Nerdfighting, for a bit more of November.
Don't Forget to be Awesome.
Peace out, Sarah.


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