Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas : A Fable by John Boyne

Score: 3.5/5
Summary: Bruno is 9 years old. He lives in a difficult time, in Germany during the World War II. One day, Bruno comes home to find that his maid, packing all his things. His family and him move to Out-With (Auschwitz). In his window, he can see a concentration camp, where everyone wears striped pajamas. He thinks that they are "neighbors". He misses Berlin and his friends there. He want to return, but since his dad is in charge of the camp. He is unable to.
After being inside for a couple months with his sister, Gretel, he decides to explore the fence and visit his "neighbors". He befriends a boy born on his birthday, Shmuel. He visits him everyday and they become friends.
Note: I found this book very interesting, because I love history and the many different voices available to us. I have never read a book about the Holocaust in which the person didn't know what happening and John Boyne wrote that only a young child would work for it. So, you could see a child's view of evil. This book will ache at your heart. It is pretty deep reading, I would say if you can read Anne Frank's diary or Night. Then this book will not be too much for you. John Boyne does an amazing job.
You might have heard about the movie. I have yet to see it, but here is a trailer:
Peace out, Sarah.

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  1. I just finished reading this. I loved little Bruno's perspective, he was so innocent. I've read a bunch of Holocaust and WWII books before, The Book Thief, Stones in Water, For Freedom among others, but this one was totally different. I think Bruno and Shmuel will stay with me forever. I'll have a review up soon.


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