Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cover Art Saturday: Mitali Perkin's Secret Keeper

I have only read Monsoon Summer by Mitali. It was amazing and I recommend it.
Secret Keeper is about Asha and her older sister, Reet. After her father loses his job, Baba is forced to leave India. Her mother, her sister, and herself are sent to live with her uncle in Calcutta.
They don't find it that pleasant. With little savings and time quickly passes. Ma becomes depressed at times and is having a hard time, submitting to her mother and sister-in-law. Reet attracts unwanted attention and marriage proposals with her beauty. Asha become impulsive, because of taking care of Reet and Ma. Secrets are revealed. Asha can only find solace on the rooftop, with her diary or Jay Sen, the neighbor that likes her. News of Baba reaches them, and Asha has to make a choice that will change their lives forever.
Goodness that sounds amazing to me.
The cover is also gorgeous. I love the colors and design. Also, Asha on the cover appears to have some secrets and is contemplating something.
Secret Keeper comes out on January 13. I am so excited for it.
Visit Mitali at her amazing blog:
Happy Reading!
Peace out, Sarah.

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