Saturday, November 8, 2008

Library holds...

Yesterday, my mom went to the library. To get just two books on hold. It turns out that there were 10 and she didn't bring a bag. Whoops.
Today, I got a call and they said that I have 11 on hold. The books are all ones that I requested. So I am excited to get them. I have already finished Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, which I will review soon. I am now reading The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher, which is good so far and I also will review. I am excited to read all of these books.
I am going to be Nano-ing from 1pm to 10pm, tomorrow. I need to catch up, I am at 6,000 words.
I am also excited, because I had two comments from people that I don't know. Yay!
I am thinking about doing a contest in middle to late December to help with the fact that I have no room on my book shelf and I will probably get a few books for christmas. I now have two boxes under my bed and I don't think a third would work out.
Happy Reading!
Peace out, Sarah.

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