Sunday, November 9, 2008

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Score: 5/5
Summanary: Alice was kidnapped from a school field trip, at age 10. She enters the world and is completely controlled by her captor, Ray. She has been beaten, starved and sexually abused. As, she reaches fifteen. She no longer looks or acts like a little girl. Ray decides that she needs to find someone else, another little girl. Will she end up like the last Alice and be killed? Also, will she ever make it back to 623 Daisy Lane and to her family?
Note: This book is amazing. I love Elizabeth Scott's book. They are all well written. She has published 3 other books (Bloom, Perfect You, and Stealing Heaven) in a little over a year, which is incredible. Living Dead Girl is a wonderful tale. It is not a safe world, sadly and there are sickos like Ray out there. I like how the book is honest and doesn't sugarcoat it. This book was really direct and though it was short it did leave me satisfied. I don't understand why it was a hardcover, when it was under 200 pages. I also love the strength that she gave to her heroine. I am going to shut up, because I'll keep fangirling her.
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