Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bliss by Lauren Myracle

Grade: 4/5

Summary: Bliss was left with her grandmother, when her hippie parents ran off to Canada. She is now the new girl at Crestview Academy. This will be Bliss' first school. She also has to change her lifestyle from living on a commune to the living in the city.
Crestview Academy was a convent before it was a school. School legend is that a girl named Liliana, jumped from the third store of the building. She sense that something is wrong with the school. She can hear the Liliana's plead to come set her free, but she can tell the voice is one of evil. Bliss just wants to make friends; not hear a dead Liliana's voice. She meets a girl, Sandy that is obsessed with the past. Especially that of the suicide at Hamilton hall. Sandy also tries to justify the Manson Murders. Bliss also becomes friends with Sarah Lynn, a popular girl that Sandy hates for some reason. As one of her friends goes deeper into the hole of evil, Bliss wants to save her, but she might lose someone else.

Notes: This book is amazing. The layout is awesome. Each chapter is started by a quote with references to “The Andy Griffith Show,” the Charles Manson murders and racial intolerance. Sometimes, there is a diary entry from another character that goes by S.L.L. The diary entries have blood splattered on them. I also really liked Bliss, she is a really sweet girl. She is quite innocent, which is perfect for a horror novel. Lauren Myracle of telling a story in the 1969's. The plot was amazing. I think this is Myracle's best work, and highly recommend it.
A book trailer:
Peace out, Sarah.

Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley

Grade: 5/5
Summary: Syrah was injured in a snowboarding accident. Her dream is to become a Pro-Snowboarder. Her family is unsupportive. Her father, Ethan Cheung, made the cell phone of today. Her mother, Betty Cheung, is both a fashionista and do charity fundraising. All she want to do is be on the slopes with her best friend, Age,but he is too busy with his new boyfriend.
She soon befriends Lillan, an energetic and kid person. That spends most of her time at Seattle Children's Hospital. Lillan's sister, Amanda, has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant or she'll die.
Syrah and Lillan organize a Charity Snowboarding Event to help spread awareness for bone marrow transplant and the fact that everyone should register for it
Notes: This book is just plain amazing. It hit my heart strings. For those that don't know this, I am a patient at Seattle Children's Hospital. I have a immunological problem,where I am always at the doctors. I have seen some of these kids that are too young to not be playing with their friends or at school. It literally breaks my heart. I also like the plot and the fact that this book tackles such deep issues. I recommend reading this as soon as possible.
Also, if you are over 16 and are able to donate bone marrow. Please register, you could save someone's life.
Love Sarah.

Gone by Michael Grant

Grade: 3/5
Summary: In a heartbeat, everyone is gone except everyone under the age of fifteen in Perdido Beach. There is no telephone, cable, or Internet. It is now up to the children to lead the town and control the situation. The town is surrounded by a bubble like wall. I really enjoyed the references to Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hollywood, and other cultural references.
Notes: The book starts really fast, but it never has a climax. I also didn't like the fact that there wasn't much character development. The book's plot also didn't move anywhere at time like for five pages. I hope that the second book in this six book series, will fix those problems. Overall I did enjoy it, Gone was like a modern mix of Lord of the Flies and The Stand.
Peace out, Sarah.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Grade: 5/5
Summanary: Lucy Scarborough is a fairly normal teenage girl, she has two loving foster parents, Soledad and Leo Markowhitz and great friends, Zach and Sarah. When she finds herself pregnant at 17, she is lost for words. For some reason, she feels that she can't get an abortion. After, Zach finds Miranda's(Lucy biological mom) diary, she finds that she is cursed. Lucy finds that not only did it drive her mom insane, but it will soon do that to her. Unless Lucy does three impossible task listed in the ballad "Scarborough Fair":

1. "Tell her to make me a magical shirt... without any seams or needlework"

2. "Tell her to find me an acre of land... between the salt water and the sea strand"

3."Tell her to plow it with just a goat horn... and sow it all over with one grain of corn"

She has very supportive parents and Zach to help her,which is something that the past Scarborough's girls did not have.

Notes: This book is full of strength and surprises. It is so suspenseful and hard to put down. Nancy Werling does an amazing job to create such an original tale using "Scarborough Fair" as the center piece of the novel. I would say that it is a modern fairy tale.

Visit Nancy's blog at

Also here is the book trailer for Impossible via YouTube:

Happy Reading, Sarah.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Grade: 5/5

Summary: Graceling is about a teenage girl named Katsa. She lives in a world, where people are born with amazing gift. They can climb trees, have super strength, automatic knowledge of weather, and many other graces. Graces are born with two very different eye colors. Katsa is one them. She killed a cousin when she was 8, causing her to become a henchwomen for her uncle, King Randa of Middlun. She also runs The Council with the help of her friends, that tries to put justice and fairness into the 7 nations. She meets a stranger, named Po, who is also graced. He is the first one to challenge her and they embark on an amazing journey.

Notes: I though it was a very well written. I like the characters, they were very in depth. I think it was an excellent first novel. The ending did surprise me, but it was still pretty amazing. I am looking forward to the prequel, Fire and Book 3.
Also check out Kristin Cashore at her blog:
There is also a Book Trailer at So check it out. Also,if you like The Hobbit,you might like this... my dad is reading this and likes it so far.
Happy Reading, Sarah.


Who is doing it?
It is where you write 50,000 in a month.
You can only do character and plot development.
My username is Sarahbear9789 like most things.
Lets be buddies, if you are going to do so.
Peace out, Sarah.
P.S. Three days till John Green. Yay!

Cover Art Saturday: Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride

So, the cover of the new Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride was released recently, and like any teenage girl that reads... I am very excited for it. The cover is gorgeous like her other covers, and of course there will be some romance in the book. I love the fact that she is on the handlebars in a dress. The fact that the dress has polka dot is awesome. I also like the clear chemistry between them in their pose. I though that there might be a car on the cover(When I heard the title), but a bike is much more fitting. Also the water behind them, is gorgeous. I am so excited for June 2009.
I am going to try and post a cover every Saturday and explain why I love it. I love book covers.
In other news, I will be on antibiotics for 6th month. My IgG is from 754 to 420 in one month. My white blood cell count is up. So are my inflammation markers. That is all really bad. Good new is I don't have to get a biopsy yet.
I also chopped off my hair this week. It is somewhat even. I have bangs again. It is cute.
Peace out, Sarah.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns is an amazingly well written book. It is about a boy and girl. The boy is Quentin Jacobson and the girl is Margo Roth Spiegelman.
When they were younger, they found a body in a local park. After a late night talk about the man and his suicide, Margo and Quentin separated as friends. As Margo becomes a mystery.
It is their senior year and Margo is known for her mysterious and grand disappearances. Quentin is known for his brains. They both live in Jefferson Park, a development in Orlando and are still neighbors.
Margo comes one night for help with some pranks and also to drive her. Margo gets at her friends and Quentin has the time on his life. Not only learning more about Margo, but learning about himself. The night ends in the early hours of the next morning. In the end, Quentin thinks that maybe he finally has a chance with Margo Roth Spiegelman.
The Next morning, Quentin finds something wrong with that idea. Margo is missing.
Quentin and his friends(Ben and Radar) find clues of Margo whereabouts. Using Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and what Margo said in the night before. The mystery is of Margo Roth Spiegelman has twist and turns.
Paper Towns is a book that will amaze you till the last word. One minute, you will be crying and the next you'll be laughing like crazy. This novel is suspenseful, hilarious, and quirky, and especially appealing to the well read teen. The characters seem like someone you could be friend with. . So if you haven't get Paper Towns now and read it. You will not be disappointed.
Oh and it has Black Santas... you will get this on page 23.

My next great idea...

I have decided to get a job at Barnes and Noble.
Reasons are:
A. It is the only book store in my area.
B. Dustbunnies are collecting in my wallet, because I won't spend any of it. I am already saving for Christmas.
My best friend pointed out that you get 30% off, which means I would save money. Also college is two years away and I will need a job to pay for that. I finally am not using my crutches as much, so this will work out if I get hired. *gulp*
I also want to start reviewing book, that is the reason that I got this blog. So, I will do one sooon.
Also, Happy Teen Read Week. This is a great week to finish your book goal of 300 books. Yay! I will post my complete list of the year on New Years Eve.
Peace out, Sarah.
P.S. John Green is in 9 days... I am beyond excited.


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