Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Post with Susan Carlton about Music

I have the pleasure of hosting Susan Carlton today. She was born in San Francisco, but wasn't of age until the hippie era had ended. Lobsterland was her first book and Love and Haight is her second book, which is about hippies, San Francisco, music, and much more. She has also written for magazines, including SelfElle, and Mademoiselle,  She now lives in Massachusetts with her husband. She is talking about the influence that music had with Love & Haight. I hope you enjoy!
I loved cuing up the turntable while writing Love & Haight, which is set in 1971. Yep, still have my turntable. My playlist was heavy on the San Francisco sound—bands that came of age along with drugs and peace and love. It was an epic time in San Francisco…Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Moby Grape and, of course, the Dead.

One of my favorite scenes in the novel takes place in the giant old Tower Records, which used to be on Bay and Columbus in San Francisco. Chloe, my main character, and Teddy, her ex, go into a listening booth, like a payphone except with less glass and less air. 
These are songs to write to, dance to, make out to.
  • Power to the People—John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
  • Lookin' Out My Back Door—Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Sunshine of Your Love—Cream
  • The Joker—Steve Miller Band
  • Somebody to Love—Jefferson Airplane
  • The Weight—The Band
  • For What It's Worth—Buffalo Springfield
  • Evil Ways—Santana
  • Piece of My Heart—Big Brother and the Holding Company
  • Loan Me a Dime—Boz Scaggs
  • Friend of the Devil—Grateful Dead
  • Get Together—The Youngbloods


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