Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Curse as Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Score: 4/5
Summary: Charlotte Miller has been responsible for her family, since her father has passed. This includes the family's wool mill, Stilwaters that is suppose to be cursed and so is her family, The Millers. The town of Shearing depends on it for their survival. Suddenly,Charlotte and her sister, Rosie find that there is a mortgage. After getting blacklisted and not being able to sell their wool in England.
A strange man called Jack Spinner, appears and offers to make hay in to golden thread in exchange for a ring of Charlotte's that used to belong to her mother. They were able to make the first payment. More incident occur, and Jack Spinner comes to their rescue. The Price gets higher and higher. Will it be worth it to pay him or is it just too much?
Notes: I liked the characters, I found them interesting and well developed. Though, the plot didn't really get to me until about page, 250 and there was only 400 pages. I did find it very well written and original. This is obviously a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, and that being my least favorite fairy tale. I found this refreshing and a very good book. I look forward to more from Elizabeth C. Bunce. Happy Reading!
Peace out, Sarah.
P.S. For some reason, it is posting wrong. Sorry, I just spent an hour trying to fix it. I have more reviews to do.

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