Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a teaser from my Current WIP, Starlight:
Lunch is like a circus. Each group seems to have their own clique and a series of skills. I sit two tables over from the popular kids. Two tables away from the center of the universe in high school. Most of them used to be my friends when I was little, but I have changed and I can about more things then parties and what I am wearing. I also became a bit smarter and was transferred into honor classes in middle school. That is when I met Jordan and stopped hanging out with Kelsey Turner and Lauren Halland. I pick at the cucumbers in my salad with my fork as I sip my Gatorade. The noise of the cafeteria rumbles around me as Jordan sits down across from me. She has a yogurt, turkey sandwich, and sobe on her tray. Jordan glances behind me and then remarks, "I think that lunch will be rather interesting today."
"Okay." I reply as Smith sit right next to me with a huge piece of pizza, a basket of fries, two milk cartons, an apple, and an orange. Only girl's are pigs, if they eat a lot, while guys eating a lot makes them, well I guess normal. An awkward silence last what seems like a decade, but in reality it is only a few seconds. I take a bite of my salad and wave at Smith.
He glances at my lunch and sighs, "Are you seriously only eating lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes for lunch?"
I nod as Jordan says, "She doesn't trust the lunch ladies to make anything but a salad bar. She still is wary of it."
"Why don't you bring lunch then?" Smith ask with his mouth full of an orange slice.
I laugh, "I bring a lunch and put it in my musty locker. Then I take it out after it has been at room temperature with a million germs growing all over it. I am sorry, but that is a horrible idea. I rather just eat my tiny salad and have a snack when I get home."
"Never talk about anything that could be germy with Julie, or she will freak out and spray you will disinfectant and Purrell. Seriously, she has been a misophobia, since she was like ten. It is funny at times." Jordan says after she finishes her yogurt.
Smith laughs, "I know what to get you for Christmas, now. An industrial sized container of antibacterial wipes should do just fine."
I giggle and then remark. "I will probably use it in a few days with how messy it is at school."

Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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