Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Line by Teri Hall

Characters: 18/20
Plot: 18/20
Originality: 19/20
Writing: 19/20
Recommendation: 18/20
Overall: 92/100 or A
Source: Publisher
An invisible and uncrossable barrier encloses the United States. The Line is part of the border that lopped off the country and doomed the citizens to a mysterious fate, when the enemies used a banned weapon. There are rumors about bizarre creatures and mutant humans live on the other side of The Line, in Away. Nobody would be strong enough to live there, except the old, yet tough Ms. Moore. Rachel and her mother work for Ms. Moore. They went to live there after Rachel's father died in the last war. It is a safe and quiet life by The Line. That is until Rachel finds a recording from Away and they are asking for help. Who sent the message? Why is her mother so protective? And to what lengths is Rachel willing to go in order to do what she thinks is right?
Rachel was a sweet and naive girl. She didn't know a lot about what was happening with the government, after she found that recording and I also liked that she asked a lot of questions. She also grew a lot during the book. I really like how strong she became. Ms. Moore was also a strong character and I liked her attitude about life. She had a really strong personality. Jonathon was an interesting character and I could tell that he felt sorry about what he did in the past. Rachel's mom had a lot secrets and it was awesome to see into her pass.The plot of this book started out slow, but it gained speed as it went on. I found the way that the government ran to be similar to 1984's system, which while complex was interesting and simple. I found this Dystopian to be well though out and original. Hall created a well written book, with amazing characters and a fantastic plot. I can't wait for the sequel to come out in 2011, because there are so many questions that I have about what will happen in Away.


  1. Cant WAIT to read this book - I have it preordered...awesome review!

  2. This is a must read for sure. I can't wait to buy it next month. :D


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