Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Match Made In High School by Kristin Walker

Characters: 18/20
Plot: 19/20
Originality: 20/20
Writing: 19/20
Recommendation: 19/20
Overall: 95/100 or A
Source: Author
At the first day of school, the principal announces that every senior must complete a year long Marriage Education program, Fiona Sheehan believes that her life can't get any worse. That is until she finds out that her husband is jerky jock Todd and whose real life girlfriend, Amanda had has it in for Fiona since second grade. Also, Amanda is paired with Fiona's long term crush, Gabe. At least Fiona isn't paired with very quiet, very dorky, and very big Johnny Mercer like her best friend Marcie. Pranks, Fights, Misunderstandings, and Reconciliations fly wild in this amazingly original comedy.
This book had such amazing characters. Fiona was strong and sweet. I liked how she didn't care so much about what people, but she also had layers that made her three dimensional. I loved Johnny Mercer, he was so sweet and awesome. Todd also was funny and a great character. I was so glad that he didn't fall for Fiona, but they became friends. Marcie was also a great character. The plot wasn't predictable. There was one part that I guessed, but other then that it was as predictable as the weather. This book was also so funny, I was laughing the whole time that I was reading it. The insults and pranks is what made this book so great. This book was also highly original. Their were some stereotypical characters that I still enjoyed, because they were complex and interesting. Walker created a fantastic book that I loved. I can't really compare this book to anything, but you should read it.


  1. Awesome review, I really want to pick this one up!

  2. Nice review :D I'd love to read this book! :)

  3. I'm really curious now. I wasn't before but I might actually like it ;)

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