Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bookshelf review

So, a while back, I got an offer of a book shelf from CSN Office Furniture. So here is the bookshelf that I got:
Use this unique book shelf as an artistic focal point in your room. The tall slender design saves space and adds function. The 11 shelves are constructed of solid metal with a powder coated silver finish capable of holding books, DVDs, CDs, or any decorative items you may have!
My bookshelf is nice. It is great for supporting part of my to-read list. It holds about 60 books. It isn't the most sturdy bookshelf. The shelf shake by just putting a book down. I think it might be, because it is mostly is filled with hardbacks. This bookshelf was easy to assemble. It took me about a half hour to put together. The hardest thing was the base which my dad put together for me. Overall I think that it is a good bookshelf and great for an apartment or cramped living.


  1. That's a pretty neat one. :) Doesn't seem like it'd be the most stable, but would definitely be good for limited space. Thanks for the review!

  2. Oh wow--that's awesome that they gave you that chance! Lucky Duck! I'll have to check out that website some time! :)


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