Friday, May 27, 2011

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

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Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch.
That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches, shapeshifters, and fairies). But that was before she discovered the family secret, and that her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping Prodigium off the face of the earth.
Turns out, Sophie’s a demon, one of only two in the world—the other being her father. What’s worse, she has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is precisely why Sophie decides she must go to London for the Removal, a dangerous procedure that will destroy her powers.
But once Sophie arrives she makes a shocking discovery. Her new friends? They’re demons too. Meaning someone is raising them in secret with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they’re using Archer to do it. But it’s not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?

Demonglass starts right after Hex Hall ended. There was just as much action and humor as Hex Hall had. Seriously I loved every moment of this book. Sophie seems a bit different in this book, but not in a bad way. It is like she has grown up a bit and gained some confidence in what has happened in the last book. I love Cal. He is so smart and selfless and he would do anything for love. While Archer's character seemed somewhat arrogant and over the top at times. It seemed overly dramatic, whenever he appeared. I definitely preferred Cal, over Archer. Hawkins' characters are complex and not exactly as they seem, which makes them even more believable. Hawkins' writing is exciting and enjoyable. Demonglass is a quick read, as is the prequel Hex Hall. If you want a book with a hint of romance, mystery, humor and paranormal combined in one book with lovable characters and a gripping plot. This is the perfect series for you.


  1. I just loved Demonglass and I actually prefer Cal more too. Glad you enjoyed it and great review :)

  2. I with you, Cal is a much better choice!


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