Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Blog Layout... and other news.

I really love it. The three column layout is very nice. It was made by Siren Design Studio. So, thank you, Kristi!
Also, Thank you to everyone that visits my blog.
The next two weeks are going to be lacking on post. One of my surgeries, has been moved from Tuesday to next Monday. I am also helping my older sister, with what I can do. She just bought a coffee stand in this economy and is actually doing quite well for starting out. She is also doing online college to get an Accounting degree. I hope everyone is doing a great and having fun.
Peace out, Sarah.


  1. oooh...i LOVE the new layout! it's so cool!
    my first job was working in a coffee was the BEST. have fun!

  2. I was a nanny over the summer, when I was 15. I like the coffee stand a lot more. I am alone a lot and get to read while I work.


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