Saturday, December 13, 2008

While cleaning my room...

So, My sister and I found her Team Switzerland shirt that I made for her. She is now Team Jacob, but the coolest part is the sleeves. It all started one day, when my best friend came over and my gift to her was some Scott Westerfeld Books(Peeps and Midnighters). My sister decided that she wanted to do it.
We had varily any letters, so she got the short end of the stick. After, Sierra left she found the sleeves boring. So, she hand me a sharpie and Ta Da. I actually like the Jacob one more, thought I am totally Team Jasper. *Swoons*

The Edward & Bella one wasn't quite as cute, but I still liked it.

So yeah, this is fun times. Her shirt says Team Switzerland(on the front and I am aware of the missing d) and Vampwolf Fangirl, the pictures are blurry. Mine had Team Edward and The Lion and The Lamb on the Lower half. The coolest thing is that we wore these to meet Stephenie Meyer in August and she commented my sister on her shirt. =D
So yeah this is all good times. Reviews and other post coming up as I get done. Also, my friend Vanessa gets to meet Holly Black, today at a signing. Have fun!
Peace Out, Sarah

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