Saturday, December 13, 2008

What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell

Summary: Evie Spooner is fifteen years old, and her stepfather is back from WWII. When she suddenly is taken by her mother and stepfather to Palms Beach, Florida. Evie and her family meet Peter Coleridge, he is an ex-GI that served with her father. She finds herself falling for him. Evie soon learns some secrets about her family from Peter. Then one day, tragedy strikes and Evie must find where her loyalty lies and herself.
My Review: What I Saw and How I lied is an amazing novel of coming to age. It brings in such difficult topics like anti-Semitism, Greed, Blackmail, Adultery, and Dishonesty. It is told with Vivid imagery, that you could picture everything. The characters are honest and like able. You will love Evie and her mom. The book is also addicting and a suspenseful ride. The setting is amazing, I felt like I was in 1948. The way that it ends allows room for a sequel and I can't wait for Judy Blundell's next books. This book won the National Book Award for Young Adult, so anothor reason to check it out.
Peace out Sarah.

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