Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cover Art Saturday: Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride

So, the cover of the new Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride was released recently, and like any teenage girl that reads... I am very excited for it. The cover is gorgeous like her other covers, and of course there will be some romance in the book. I love the fact that she is on the handlebars in a dress. The fact that the dress has polka dot is awesome. I also like the clear chemistry between them in their pose. I though that there might be a car on the cover(When I heard the title), but a bike is much more fitting. Also the water behind them, is gorgeous. I am so excited for June 2009.
I am going to try and post a cover every Saturday and explain why I love it. I love book covers.
In other news, I will be on antibiotics for 6th month. My IgG is from 754 to 420 in one month. My white blood cell count is up. So are my inflammation markers. That is all really bad. Good new is I don't have to get a biopsy yet.
I also chopped off my hair this week. It is somewhat even. I have bangs again. It is cute.
Peace out, Sarah.

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