Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gone by Michael Grant

Grade: 3/5
Summary: In a heartbeat, everyone is gone except everyone under the age of fifteen in Perdido Beach. There is no telephone, cable, or Internet. It is now up to the children to lead the town and control the situation. The town is surrounded by a bubble like wall. I really enjoyed the references to Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hollywood, and other cultural references.
Notes: The book starts really fast, but it never has a climax. I also didn't like the fact that there wasn't much character development. The book's plot also didn't move anywhere at time like for five pages. I hope that the second book in this six book series, will fix those problems. Overall I did enjoy it, Gone was like a modern mix of Lord of the Flies and The Stand.
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  1. Sarah. Great blog! i agree, i definitely could never pinpoint a climax which stinks because my teachers going to want that in the book report I'm doing on it. However, it being the first book in a series of six, i think Grant did a pretty good job of character development. I mean, you do have to leave a little room for more background in the next five book... i would have loved to know more about quin though, since he was such a boneless coward... thanx for the thoughts!

  2. I am very intrested for the next book. It was pretty good for a debut novel. I hope they explain Quinn more.
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