Sunday, October 19, 2008

My next great idea...

I have decided to get a job at Barnes and Noble.
Reasons are:
A. It is the only book store in my area.
B. Dustbunnies are collecting in my wallet, because I won't spend any of it. I am already saving for Christmas.
My best friend pointed out that you get 30% off, which means I would save money. Also college is two years away and I will need a job to pay for that. I finally am not using my crutches as much, so this will work out if I get hired. *gulp*
I also want to start reviewing book, that is the reason that I got this blog. So, I will do one sooon.
Also, Happy Teen Read Week. This is a great week to finish your book goal of 300 books. Yay! I will post my complete list of the year on New Years Eve.
Peace out, Sarah.
P.S. John Green is in 9 days... I am beyond excited.

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  1. Aw man, you're meeting John. I am SO VERY VERY jealous. If only I owned a car I would have dragged my best friend to the release party...

    I agree with you though, a job at B&N would be perfect!


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