Saturday, October 25, 2008

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Grade: 5/5

Summary: Graceling is about a teenage girl named Katsa. She lives in a world, where people are born with amazing gift. They can climb trees, have super strength, automatic knowledge of weather, and many other graces. Graces are born with two very different eye colors. Katsa is one them. She killed a cousin when she was 8, causing her to become a henchwomen for her uncle, King Randa of Middlun. She also runs The Council with the help of her friends, that tries to put justice and fairness into the 7 nations. She meets a stranger, named Po, who is also graced. He is the first one to challenge her and they embark on an amazing journey.

Notes: I though it was a very well written. I like the characters, they were very in depth. I think it was an excellent first novel. The ending did surprise me, but it was still pretty amazing. I am looking forward to the prequel, Fire and Book 3.
Also check out Kristin Cashore at her blog:
There is also a Book Trailer at So check it out. Also,if you like The Hobbit,you might like this... my dad is reading this and likes it so far.
Happy Reading, Sarah.

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