Saturday, October 25, 2008

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Grade: 5/5
Summanary: Lucy Scarborough is a fairly normal teenage girl, she has two loving foster parents, Soledad and Leo Markowhitz and great friends, Zach and Sarah. When she finds herself pregnant at 17, she is lost for words. For some reason, she feels that she can't get an abortion. After, Zach finds Miranda's(Lucy biological mom) diary, she finds that she is cursed. Lucy finds that not only did it drive her mom insane, but it will soon do that to her. Unless Lucy does three impossible task listed in the ballad "Scarborough Fair":

1. "Tell her to make me a magical shirt... without any seams or needlework"

2. "Tell her to find me an acre of land... between the salt water and the sea strand"

3."Tell her to plow it with just a goat horn... and sow it all over with one grain of corn"

She has very supportive parents and Zach to help her,which is something that the past Scarborough's girls did not have.

Notes: This book is full of strength and surprises. It is so suspenseful and hard to put down. Nancy Werling does an amazing job to create such an original tale using "Scarborough Fair" as the center piece of the novel. I would say that it is a modern fairy tale.

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Also here is the book trailer for Impossible via YouTube:

Happy Reading, Sarah.


  1. Sarah, I am so glad you enjoyed Impossible! Are you anywhere near Seattle in Washington? I am speaking about the book today (Sunday Oct 26, 5:30 pm) at the Bellevue Branch. It would be quite fun to meet you. Information here:

    All best,
    Nancy (

  2. I am near Seattle, but Bellevue is about an hour and a half from here without traffic. I am sorry to say that I will be unable to come, but have fun in the Evergreen State.
    Best Wishes, Sarah.


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