Saturday, February 23, 2013

Being Burnt Out and General Update

So, last year, I didn't blog that much and I truly apologize about that. I am addressing that now, because I am going to try to blog more consistently. I haven't ever been quiet about being chronically sick. Pretty much with that and University, I didn't find the balance that I had previously. There was also the fact that I was burnt out. I posted daily or more from June 2009 to June 2011. I loved reading and everything, it is just that I didn't want to have to read a book, because I got it for review. I wanted to read the book that sounded good to me and that I wanted to read. Anyways, that is just an explanation of why I was gone and I wondered if anyone else has felt this way.
I just wanted to update on my life. I am in Sophomore at Seattle University. I am taking Intro to Philosophy, Writing the Personal Narrative, and History of the Ancient World. Next quarter, I am taking Astronomy of the Solar System, Philosophy of the Human Person, and A Reading Series in Brit Lit during the Victorian Ages. I am really excited for those classes and I am really enjoying the ones that I am taking.
I am also running again and enjoying it. It helps manage my illness, so I am really focusing on it.
Overall, I am really happy. So, I was wondering how everyone else was and what you have been up to.

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  1. As much as I love reading and blogging about what I read, sometimes I just get burnt out reading those have to books vs just reading a book I'm in the mood for. I'm trying to read more, but it is hard sometimes to sit and read like I use to. Currently I'm reading a book I just want to read,Steel's Edge an UF and I'm loving it, but I'm not reading as much or as fast as I use to. I still have to finish Madman's Daughter, I put it down and haven't picked it up yet, but hopefully I will finish it soon.


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