Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

Source: Publisher/ALA MW
Sam is in love with her best friend Nick, but she can't seem to tell him. So she decides to flirt with golden-boy Carter Wellesley, hoping Nick will see it and finally realize his true feelings for her.
On Monday, everyone at school is saying that Carter raped Sam. He didn't, but Sam can't find the words to tell the truth. Worst of all, she's afraid she'll lose Nick if he finds out what really happened.
As graduation approaches, Sam discovers that living the lie isn't as easy as her new friends make it sound--and telling the truth might be even worse.

I had a hard time liking Sam, because of  the fact that she doesn't correct people on what Carter did. I get that she had a lot of peer pressure and the fact that Carter was complete asshole to her, but she made his whole life change as result. I found the plot really fast paced and I had to know what happened next. I think that Amanda Grace displayed that there are consequences to every action. I really liked Nick, he was a really great guy that had great standards.  Amanda Grace also creates a spectacular ending. This is a quick read that deals with a complex issue in such a smooth and beautiful way. I can't wait to read more from Amanda Grace in the future. I recommend this book to anyone that wants a book  that deals with complex issues in a realistic way with a quick and engrossing plot.

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