Friday, June 19, 2009

20 Things in 20 Days: Clue #9

To celebrate the launch of Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, I'm blogging clue #9 for the 20 Things in 20 Days Scavenger Hunt.
Answer clues and challenges to earn points toward the 20 Things grand prize, including 6 signed books from 2009 debut authors! Get a clue... June 11th-30th at 20 Things in 20 Days!

Today's clue:
In Twenty Boy Summer, Matt Perino used to leave stray pennies on the ground instead of picking them up, just so someone else could have a lucky day. For today's 20 Things clue, let someone else have a lucky day! You can copy Matt's penny idea, do a chore for one of your siblings, do something nice for a friend or family member anything you'd like!
Just tell us about it here in the comments. 5 points.


  1. I love doing that penny thing! I also like to leave dollar bills on playgrounds because I know a kid will find it there :)

    It's also fun to send "just because" letters to your friends in the mail. Just to see how they're doing and say hello.


  2. What a lovely habit - Matt and Ashley, too. I might have to start doing that.

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I got a free lipgloss set from Sephora - I gave it to my daughter (she is four and thinks these things are super cool). So her lucky day is being all glossy and sparkly. Now I'm going to do her nails. :)

    Also, Sarah, I love the Street Team reviews you've been doing for rgz! You are the best! xo

  3. I'm cleaning up after my (pretty darn messy) family for the weekend; doing everything, even the dishes, and I HATE doing the dishes!

  4. My mom has been under a lot of stress lately, so I vacuumed the house and gave gave her a back rub.


  5. I love to leave pennies on the ground! My friends always ask me why I do it and I tell them that I have all the luck I need. Maybe someone else could use a little luck.

  6. So, I wanted to do something I wouldn’t do any old day so I decided to twist Matt’s a bit. Instead of leaving pennies on the ground, I put down pennies everywhere I went today, leaving them lucky side up. :)

    Kristin (email =

  7. I already do something similar to Matt's penny thing. If I see a penny that is on the ground - I always turn it to be the lucky side up. My mom always makes fun of me for it, but I think it gives me good karma.

    adw7984 at gmail dot com

  8. I usually am very lucky, winning various things locally so many of my friends get after me. Well this past Tuesday it was my turn to make five others lucky winners as I supplied the prizes for our jet ski group get together. Some of my friends even rub my arm thinking that my luck will rub off onto them. I hope it does.

  9. I do the same thing as Alicia. I leave the pennies on the ground bit I always flip them lucky side up. That way somebody will have a lucky day. =]

  10. My fiance must love me, I did all the dishes today (which is his job). :)

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  12. I made my mom an origami box. Even though it might not seem like much, she really likes things like that! :)

    I also do the penny thing. If I see one thats not on the lucky side i flip it over for someone to find!

    infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com


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