Monday, June 28, 2010

Winners for Birthday Contests!

Deception Winner: Jeremy West
Winner of Shade, Fallen, and Epitiah Road: Liz A.
Winner of Crazy, Hunger, Adios Nirvana, and The Education of Bet(Judged by Devyn Burton): Yan Lin
Some Girls Are Winner: Liz A.
Winner of The Deathday Letter, The Replacement, Dirty Little Secret, Darklight, and Ballad from Mega Palooza Giveaway: Jeff West
Winner of Virals, Sisters Red, Marcelo in the Real World, Kisses and Lies, and Heist Society from Mega Palooza Giveaway: Lena
Winner of Girl Stay In The Pictue, Courage in Patience, The Rock and The River, The Homeschool Liberation League, and Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have from Mega Palooza Giveaway: Debbie
I'll send out the books soon... All the winners(but Yan) were picked by Congrats to those that won.


  1. OMG, YAY! I see my name. Thank you so much!!! SA-WEEET!

    And congrats to all the other winners. I love you, Sarah! :D


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