Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Post from Kimberly Derting, author of The Body Finder

Today, I have the pleasure of presenting a guest post from the Kimberly Derting. Her book, The Body Finder is one of my favorite books ever. She is also a local author which makes her more awesome, because I randomly run into her at signings and such. She is also very sweet and awesome. Anyways, here is her favorite Birthday memory. I hope you enjoy.
Okay, so this was a lot harder than it sounds! It would have been SO easy for me to just describe my 13th or my 16th, or maybe even my 21st birthday to keep my true age somewhat a mystery, but if I’m being honest, my favorite birthday memory was my 40th birthday party! In my defense, though, it was very, very, very recent! Did I mention very???
So, why was my 40th birthday so great you ask? You’re probably thinking that I went on some exotic vacation where I was served umbrella drinks, or that I got something really sparkly that can cut glass. Nope! Although, now that I think about it, what the heck?!?!
The reason this party was so great was because, not only was I turning 40, but my daughter was turning 21! Yeah, that’s right I got to be there the first time she ever tasted alcohol…HAHA! And because the stars so perfectly aligned for this once in a lifetime moment, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together!
And even though it wasn’t an actual surprise party, there were several surprises in store for me: Like this:

And this:

But the highlight of the night, with the exception of having my friends and family there to celebrate my special day (blah blah blah), was the main event!!!
Today, I have the amazing K
Mother V. Daughter Guitar Hero Showdown!
My husband had it all setup, with 1st and 2nd (aka. Last) place trophies even! After all of the smack-talk leading up to the duel, we would finally crown the true and undisputed Guitar Hero Queen! I practiced and practiced (*cue the Eye of the Tiger song*) until my fingers bled…well maybe not bled, but at least until I got bored or had other things to do. My daughter DIDN’T PRACTICE AT ALL! So you probably know where this story is going, right? Wrong!!!
She kicked my ass…and she probably would have with her eyes closed. My husband even made her play on the hard level, while I played on medium…but it didn’t matter. It. Was. A. Massacre! So now, when anyone asks how I got my trophy, I just tell them that I took 2nd place in a Guitar Hero contest! My party, my story!!!

Thanks for the post, Kim!
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  1. That's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the photos!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha :D Eye of the Tiger - LOL, totally reminded me of that supernatural episode where Dean Winchester does a mime/dance thing to it! Priceless :D

    Emma :)
    (If you're sending swag internationally, here's my email; deltree192@live.com.au).

  2. It must be really fun to be able to run into a famous author every now and then! Anyway, enjoyed the post, it's really cool to get to know the author behind the awesome The Body Finder :)

    Like Emma said, if you're sending internationally, my email is maria_ah_@msn.com :)

  3. I enjoyed your post! That sounds like one swell birthday!! Hahaha it made me chuckle.

  4. Kim is so cute, glad she sent you a great bday message!


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