Friday, June 25, 2010

Guest Post with Mindi Scott

Mindi Scott is the author of Freefall, which comes out in October. I am very excited for it. I have met her once and she was very sweet and adorable. Anyways, here is her post of her memorable birthdays...
When Sarah asked if I would write this post, she gave me the prompt of my nineteenth birthday or my most memorable birthday.
Piece of (birthday) cake! I thought. I’ve had 32 birthdays so far. Surely, I can come up with a good one to write about!
So I thought back to my 19th. On that day, my boyfriend and I ended up on the same volleyball team. Every time I’d miss a shot, he’d complain. After one too many of those outbursts, I walked out mid-game and cried in the bathroom about my depressing oldness and my boyfriend’s obnoxiousness while he and my best friend had a heated argument in the hallway.
Clearly, birthday #19 is not worth remembering. And yet . . . I do remember it.
On my 7th birthday, my big party was canceled because my mom had an emergency illness and was hospitalized. Later that week, some of the girls brought in presents for me, but one of them told me that her mom said I didn’t deserve presents because my mom had been rude and canceled the party at the last minute.
Like, wow, right?
My Sweet 16 was the year my sister (who was ten) called out my boyfriend for bringing me just a card. “It’s her sixteenth birthday and you didn’t even get her a present? What kind of boyfriend are you?”
I got to spend a portion of the afternoon sitting on a lawn chair under my great-grandpa’s carport trying to get my boyfriend stop to crying.
Good times.
What else was there? For my 21st birthday, I went out to Seattle nightclubs for the first time ever. But the guy I’d brought wanted to sit just at the table all night. He told me I should dance with my coworkers because he wasn’t in the mood. Naturally, he later got upset with me for doing so.
And then for my 30th in Las Vegas, I got dressed up all glamorous to go out dancing at a fancy club. As luck would have it, all the clubs we tried to go to were closed for the night. The one that we finally found open decided to close right when we showed up. The city that never sleeps totally SHUT DOWN on my birthday!
As you can see, many of my “memorable” birthdays kind of suck. The other twenty-seven, though? They’re probably tied for my best because they were drama-free and I got to spend time with friends and family just having food, dessert, and presents.
My birthday this coming October happens to be two days before FREEFALL’s release. Which means that it’s going to be memorable no matter what happens. I just hope it ends up being the good kind of memorable!
Happy birthday to you, Sarah and Zoe!


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