Sunday, February 22, 2009


The winner of The Elite and In Too Deep is Sweetmelissa818. Melissa email me your address, so I can forward it it to Jennifer.
I am also giving extra entries to any future contest for Creativity and originality to Yan and Trublu93. Just remind me in the post, because I have the memory of a goldfish. Sorry for taking so long, my sister and I rented Torchwood: Season 1 and have been watching that this whole week. I also have a major cold and cough, and have been sleeping a lot. In a related note, I am going back to Doctor Who. I need to move to England just for BBC to save money.
Peace out, Sarah


  1. Aww....feel better soon! And congrats to Melissa!

  2. haha Yes, Doctor Who is addicting. I need to start watching it on the site you showed me. 'Cause I dont want as much as you do and I is jealouuuus. hehe


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