Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Recommendation

So. I am just linking you to my best friend, Sierra. She kidnaps all my books and returns them weeks later. We also want to live in Powells(Who wouldn't?) and she dibs the YA bench... so unfair. We also dibs YA male characters, like James from Audrey, Wait! almost caused a fight... Anyways, she is clearly amazing. I am not sure what she is going to talk about since she is really random. But you should check out her blog.
Love Sarah
PS... The Picture is from La Push, since we are just obsessed like that.


  1. I wanna go to La Push! Take me with you next time. I am headed to check out Sierra's blog now!

  2. You, my friend, are an evil woman. lol

  3. Oh I just got Dark Dude in the mail! Thank you very much and I am going to see sierra's blog right now as well!

  4. When are you going to get that wonderful book titled, Rowan of the Wood? It's an award-winning book and doesn't it have the most amazing cover ever? Please check out the authors' blog at while you're at it! :)

  5. That is so neat you have a friend who shares the love of books with you. :)

  6. I love that you went to La Push! thats so much fun


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