Sunday, January 4, 2009

The VC Andrews Movement...

I joined this yesterday and I am excited. I have only read the 1-3 of the Dollaganger Series. So, I am going to read that whole series. I also think I am going to read the Casteel Series and My Sweet Audrina.

So you should totally join this movement/ challenge and read some good trash. Yay, for books that my mom read when she was my age. Now I am going to half price books for the ones, I don't own. I hope to get a cut out cover. =D

Check out the challenge at Taren's or Steph's blog


  1. Hi Sarah, thanks so much for participating! Would you mind leaving a direct link to one of our posts? It helps anyone who wants to participate find them more easily :)

    Here's one:


  2. Sarah you totally rule for doing this! It's going to be so much fun.

  3. That banner is funny. I use to read V.C. Andrew religiously but stopped around the end of the willow series. The best books are the ones by the original V.C. Andrews - Dollanger, Casteel Series and the Audrina stand alone.


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