Friday, January 30, 2009

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Rating: 5/5

Meg has always wanted to get away. To push the limits and just lives When she is dared to go on a railroad bridge, that supposedly a couple died on year away. She thinks nothing of it. When the police come, Meg and her friend are arrested and saved by a matter of minutes. As punishment, they aren't allowed to go to Miami Beach for spring break. Instead, they must work with the Police Force, Firefighters, and Paramedics. When she is matched with Office John After, she isn't happy. He was the officer that brought her in. He is also only a couple years older and she was in Spanish with him. Soon, she finds her self falling for him.

When secrets and misunderstanding come along, will she be able to handle it. I loved this book. It was so amazing. All the characters seemed so real and I also really liked Meg. She was very awesome. John was also very amazing and easy to fall for. This book also had an amazing plot and lots of twist and turns. I will definitely have to check out some more books by Jennifer Echols, since this was my first. It comes out March 17th. I hope you buy it and enjoy this amazing read.


  1. yaay some one else who read it and loved. Now I can gush about with someone! I should have my review up sometime this week. =)

  2. I'll definitely do my best to get this one. It sounds so awesome.


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