Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This or That with Janet Ruth Young

Today, I have Janet Ruth Young, the author of The Babysitter Murders with This and That. I hope you enjoy.
1. Books or Music?

Books. My raison d’etre!
2. TV or Movies?
Movies. I don’t watch TV. Not even Mad Men.
3. Black or White?
4. Paris or London?
London. As a person of Scottish descent I’m expected to dislike the English, but there’s way too much smoking in Paris.
5. Zombies or Unicorns?
Unicorns. As something of a scaredy-cat, I should probably avoid any run-in with a zombie.
6. Outside or Inside?
Outside. In the yard, on the tennis court, walking on Stacy Boulevard, or at the beach. I think I’ll even sleep outside a few times this summer.
7. Past or Future?
8. Writing or Reading?
Right now, writing. But I hope to spend a good part of the summer in my hammock with book in hand.
9. Cake or Pie?
Definitely cake. Unless it’s my sister Diane’s pumpkin pie with sugared pecans, I rarely choose pie, because I find crust to be a big waste of calories.
10. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee – first thing in the morning. Then switching to tea in the afternoon.
11. Nonfiction or Fiction?
Nonfiction. I need to improve my knowledge of history. I have a great handle on psychology and human nature but I don’t really know what’s gone on in the world. I think biographies are the way to start addressing that.
12. Classic or New?
13. Chocolate or Vanilla?
14. Coke or Pepsi?
Usually Coke.
15. Comedy or Drama?
Drama, although I think they’re inseparable. Even the most horrific story has some funny elements – that’s the human condition.

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