Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carmen by Walter Dean Myers

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A retelling of the Bizet opera set in Spanish Harlem in which a teen with a fiery temper wants the one boy she can't have, with deadly consequences.
Carmen is an amazing opera that I adore. Other then the setting, this story is relatively similar and I found the story just as enchanting. Myers captured the Opera and made it a quick book. I really enjoyed it, but I think that you are going to have to be familiar with the opera to understand it 100%.


  1. Good to see that you enjoyed Carmen, although I thought I saw you give it two stars on goodreads?

    That said, I wasn't a fan of Carmen. Not enough depth or meat for me. Plus it was confusing.

  2. I did give it to two stars, but that was my initial reaction... I think that unless you have seen the Opera, it is going to be rather confusing...


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