Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Most Read Author

Several bloggers have done this, so I decided to join in with my five most read author.
1. Meg Cabot
There is a reason that Meg Cabot is well know. She writes a lot of book and fairly quick. They are really cute and fun read. I have somehow read 26 of her books and that is not near the amount she has written. My favorite of her books it the Mediator Series. Ghost are pretty epic.
2. Roald Dahl
I loved Dahl growing up. I devoured his books like crazy. I have read 16 of his books. My favorite it The Witches. I have no clue how many times I have read it. Such an amazing book.
3. Scott Westerfeld, Cate Tiernan, and Lemony Snicket
I have read 15 books of each author.
Scott Westerfeld is epic. I haven't hated any of his books. Though Peeps has made me never want a cat ever. My favorite series is the Midnighter series. It is so epic.
Cate Tiernan wrote the Sweep series, which I love. I gobbled up that whole series in a week. I am so glad that my library had them all.
I love Lemony Snicket. His books make me laugh, cry, and totally get invested in the story. A Series of Unfortunate Events are my favorite books by him.
4. Kate Brian, Holly Black, and Melody Carlson
I have read 13 books of each.
Kate Brian's books are so engaging and suck me into the story. So addicting and I love the Private Series.
Holly Black is epic. So, of course I love her. Ironside is my favorite of her books.
My brother is a future pastor and he buys me Melody Carlson books, because I find them interesting. They are also quick reads. My favorite is Who I Am...
5. Sarah Dessen and Elizabeth Scott
I have read 10 of their books.
I adore Sarah's style, which makes it a perfect read. Plus the characters are so easy to relate to and I adore the boys. The Truth about Forever is my favorite, closely followed by What Happened to Goodbye and Just Listen.
I swear Elizabeth Scott is the future Meg Cabot. She writes such amazing books, so quickly. I have loved all of books, even the one by her paranormal pseudonym. My favorite book by her is Between Here and Forever.


  1. Since you like the Sweep series, you should check out Tiernan's Balefire quartet - again about witches but set in New Orleans. :)

    And hooray for Mediator series love. It deserves a whole lot more attention, I think.

  2. I love most of these authors. And you are totally right about Scott Westerfeld!

    Also, I just started a new quote meme over at my blog if you want to check it out:

  3. Wow... if you add up your list, you have a lot of books from these authors around your house. Where do you put them all?

  4. Thanks Catherine! I'll check them out and I agree. They are her best books by far.
    Kayla, it looks like an awesome meme.
    Anne, I have to box up a lot of my books.

  5. This is an exceptional list of great writers!


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