Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Vlog!

This is a random vlog with writing questions, if you could answer them, you are amazing.


  1. 1. ALL THE TIME. Thinking that my writing sucks is the one thing that causes huge delays in my writing. I hardly ever have writer's block. It's more like writer's doubt that is always nagging at me. I hate those days where you write and nothing is good enough or nothing comes out the way you want it to. It can be quite the discouraging hobby.

    2. I don't usually write more than one story at a time. I do however, plan other stories (plot, characters, storylines etc) while writing. It all depends on the person. I like to be 100% submerged in my one story until the end. Then, I'll start something new.

    3. I don't listen to music or anything while I write. I find that it's a huge distraction because I'll get too caught up in singing and then move away from my laptop haha. I actually hate background noise when doing anything that involves writing. I can't concentrate as well.

    4. I've posted some of my stuff online in the past just to get feedback from other people who wrote as well. It was both helpful and encouraging. As far as letting people I know read my stuff, I just can't do it. My characters, everything, it's just so personal. I can't imagine letting people I know read my stuff. My friends and family know I love to write but they have no idea that I do it as much as I do or that I plan to pursue it seriously.

  2. 1. Me too! I think my writing sucks all the time! I actually tried to write once when I was younger and my sister and boyfriend got ahold of it and laughed over it for a good 30 minutes. I quit then. But I started up again about a year ago now...(and I don't let them read my stuff!) Anyway, I think that everyday. And then every now and then I think it's kind of good--which I think makes me only feel worse when I think its bad again. So yeah, I feel your pain.

    2. I don't no more than one. Simply b/c I can't keep character's personalities straight.

    3. Background noise. Depends on the scene I think.

    4. (Refer back to 1) I actually let my sister read it now. She's pretty honest. But I do have a couple critique partners and they're great sometimes and not at other times. One of my critique partners just broke through and got a publishing deal. Which is awesome for her, but now she's so busy and doesn't have much time for me anymore.

  3. 1. All the time! I feel like that everyday!
    2. No, I don't think I'm good enough for that. I get things so mixed up.
    3. Not really. But sometimes it helps me write certain scenes. Like a big action scene.
    4. critique partners are great. my sister reads my stuff but she's always too busy for me and never gives me clear help. critique partners will be more honest with you than family and they're going through the same thing.


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