Friday, December 11, 2009

How It Ends by Laura Wiess

Characters: 18/20
Plot: 19/20
Originality: 19/20
Writing: 20/20
Recommendation: 19/20
Overall: 95/100 or A
When Hanna was five years old, her parents were having a hard time. During those times, Hanna would spend her time with her neighbour. Over time, Hanna adopted Helen and Lon as a Grandma and Grandpa. Hanna always wanted to know what was going on, when Helen was her age and Helen would tell her happy stories, because she didn't want to trouble Hanna with what really happened. They would also spend their time, reading books, talking, walking the deer path and taking care of strays. But as Hanna grows older, the inevitable happens, and she begins to spend less and less time with Helen.
Hanna starts her sophomore year at a private school and has fallen head over hell for Seth. She start obsessing over him and even Jesse, who has "FUCK" tattooed on his arm, can make her forget him. Finally, Hanna gets over Seth, but now he wants her. Seth is who she though he was.
Helen is growing older and needs to tell Hanna, what really happened. Hanna also has to do community service and ends up doing it for Helen. Hanna listens to audio book, while taking care of Helen. The audio book has Hanna thinking about passion, sacrifice, and devotion. That is until the book becomes to real to handle.
The characters in How It Ends are so well developed. Hanna is like any other teenager, a bit obsessive and selfish at time, but really has a heart underneath it all. Helen was remarkable and interesting. The plot was really well developed and I enjoyed the many twist and turns that are in this book. You were never sure what was going to happen at times and I had tears coming down my cheeks for the last one hundred pages. How It Ends was such an original book and unlike anything that I have read. Wiess is such a wonderful book. I have enjoyed all of the books that she has wrote to date and can't wait for her next book. I recommend How It Ends to everyone, it an amazing and one of kind book that will touch your heart.


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  2. I heard about this book while ago, is nice to read a good review... I want to read it ^.^

  3. I just got this book a few days ago. Can't wait to read it. Love your review.

  4. I really enjoyed SUCH A PRETTY GIRL, so this sounds like something good to pick up

  5. I loved this book. Couldn't stop sobbing!


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