Thursday, November 12, 2009

Totally uncool...

I love TV. I also try to watch shows that others recommend, from the past and present. Hulu is an amazing tool. I use it to watch TV shows, when I am too busy to watch a show or want to watch a show that is no longer on TV(I miss My So-Called Life and Buffy). It saddens me to say that Hulu will probably start charging in 2010 for some shows. I find this to be a a stupid move. For example on their Terms of Services that I agreed to, it said that they will not charge you. Meaning that they would be breaking the Terms Of Services for early user. Hulu is a great place, but I do not see myself paying for some shows that I can find on the Network website. Also, Hulu is used by a lot of college students and I don't see many of them paying for it. There are commercials in the show, like there is on TV. Who would be willing to pay for Hulu?
The only reason that I could see myself paying for Hulu, is if they really extend what they broadcast. For example, if Hulu could get BBC and CBC programming. I think that a start idea for Hulu, would be to extend their customer basis. Like Hulu could allow, foreign users to use it. I see that if Hulu, does this that the users will probably not follow, and the model will not work out well.


  1. Yeah, UNCOOL! I love hulu but if they start to charge, I wont be a customer. I too watched Buffy on Hulu. I have a DVR so if they start charging for current shows, I wont use Hulu and will just watch them on TV.

  2. UNCOOL if they charge! I love Hulu but will not love it if they charge!

  3. I don't really see why it should be free. Free stuff may be great for the end consumer, but it kind of sucks for the people who make all these products. Paying money is part of capitalism.

    I'm baffled by the attitude that if something is online it should be free...


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