Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (Week Nineteen)

Title: The Iron King
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: February 2010
When sixteen-year old Meghan Chase's little brother is abducted by the Unseelie Court, it throws her for a loop; she never believed in faeries. But with her best friend Robbie Goodfell—who turns out to be the infamous Puck—by her side, she ventures into Faeryland to get him back, only to discover it wasn't the Unseelie fey who kidnapped her brother after all, but a brand new species of faery led by Machina, the Iron King. These fey, born from the dreams of technology and progress, are completely immune to iron, and are a deadly threat to the courts of Summer and Winter. In the search for her brother, Meghan discovers her own faery heritage, falls in love with a dark prince of the Unseelie court, and confronts Machina in his realm of iron, to save herself and everyone she loves.
It is about fairies. I love fairies. I really want this book. It is also a tenner book and Julie is so nice.


  1. This is one of 3 books currently on my wishlist at GoodReads. I'm really impressed with Harlequin Teen's range so far.

  2. This one looks great! I just love fairy books! :)

  3. I normally love faerie books... but I've read so many lately, and this one sounds a lot like the Faerie Path series...

  4. Squee! You just made my morning! Thanks for Wowing me! :)

  5. Definitely sounds interesting. Plus, it's being published by the Harlequin Teen books (all of which sound really good)

  6. I really think this one is going to be great. I love faery books - I need a good one after reading the disappointing Wings (not my fav...)

  7. Yay for Julie! And The Iron King! Julie is the bestest and her book sounds awesome. =D

  8. This book sounds great. I cannot wait to see the cover.


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