Friday, September 23, 2011


I am sorry for the lack of post. I broke my ankle and am adjusting to college life. Will post more later this week.


  1. Eep! We're sorry about your ankle. And hey, there's no need to apologize for real life. Real life trumps online life every time. Hope you're enjoying college!

  2. AFTER by Amy Efaw is an extremely well-written, well thought-out, and thought-provoking novel. Even if the reader doesn't want to in the beginning, one naturally comes to sympathize with fifteen year-old Devon. Ms. Efaw effectively portrays a strong protagonist who, for all her determination and dreams, has broken her own rules, the shame of which forces her to forget what she has done...including the fact that she is pregnant. Clearly, Ms. Efaw has done her research, and has employed it in a manner which draws the reader and maintains one's interest well after the novel's conclusion, leaving the reader with a sense of satisfaction and the desire to learn more about what drives girls like Devon to the unthinkable.


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