Friday, November 26, 2010

Interview with Deliliah Hannaford from Fixing Deliliah and A Contest

I have the amazing Deliliah from Fixing Deliliah. Her story was very captivating, and I hope that you enjoy this tiny glimspe into her. world.
1. There are only three Hannafords left. what legacy would you like your family to leave?

That's a loaded question for sure! ;-) When I first arrived in Vermont with Mom and Rachel this summer, I was so bent on figuring out the past. I felt like I couldn't think about where I was going until I understood where I came from. There were so many fights, so many tears, so much pain... and now I realize that thinking about a legacy is kind of like trying to predict the future. Part of my problem was that I was so tied up with the past and the future -- the "what happeneds" and the "what ifs" -- that I was totally missing the moment, the right now, the important things that make life worth living. I'm still figuring that part of it out, but I'm getting better. :-) That said, whatever happens with my family, I hope that we've all learned to appreciate one another as family, and that we all have our secrets and imperfections, but above all, we love each other. I don't know if that's a legacy, but I hope we carry it with us for a long time.
2. What are the parts of Red Falls that you think that you will never forget?
If coming back here after eight years taught me anything, it's that I'll never truly forget Red Falls. Even though a lot of it was hazy on arrival, it was all still inside me, all the memories, good and bad. It was such a part of my life for so long -- so many memories of my family are tied to this place. So much of my family's history is wrapped up in this town, in this house, on the lake. After this summer, those memories are even stronger, even more cemented. I'm not going to forget any of it.
3. Patrick and you were friends growing up and now you realize that there is something more. How hard was it to act on your feelings without the fear of losing friendship?
Everything with Patrick happened so fast! Because I hadn't seen him since we were really young, I don't think I was worried as much about our friendship as I was about falling hard for him and then having to leave at the end of the summer, losing him all over again. I was also trying to deal with some trouble I'd gotten into back home, including a bit of a scandal with my non-boyfriend Finn, and I didn't want Patrick to simply be my distraction from that. The timing for us was actually really bad, but like Aunt Rachel says, when the universe is trying to hit you over the head with something, you might want to pay attention. :-) From the first moment I saw him under the bleachers that day, I knew I was falling for him, bad timing or not, lost friendship or not. Sometimes you just have to take that risk!
4. After going back to your grandma's, you gained a new appreciation for family and your past. What do you love most about your mom and Aunt Rachel?
If you asked me this when we first arrived in Red Falls, I don't think I would've been able to answer. But now I realize that even though their relationship still needs a lot of work, they really do love each other. I'm so grateful for that, because if my mom and Rachel can find a way to reconnect -- even if things are still super rocky -- it gives me hope for me and Mom, too. I'm also grateful that even when I was at my worst, they didn't walk out on me or give up. I love them for that.
5. Is there anything else that you would like to add?
I just want to say thank you for letting me share my story, and for being patient. I know I can be... difficult... sometimes. I had a lot of stuff to sort out this summer, and it wasn't always easy, but it helps to have a few good friends. True friends, like Patrick says, the best kind.
(But you know, good friends or not, I'm not sharing him. Sorry! :-) )

I hope that you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. I also have a signed copy of Fixing Deliliah or Twenty Boy Summer for giveaway. Just fill out the form below by December 9th and US only.


  1. I loved what Delilah said about worrying about the future and past that we don't live in the moment. Also that she hope her family will be full of love and that will be a legacy enough. Such a great interview! :)

  2. I liked what she said about families having secrets and imperfections but loving them anyway. That's a good way to put it!


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