Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bright Side of Book Blogging

Book blogging is an amazing world, most of the time. It is full of people that love books, writing, or are just plain awesome. Lately there has been some negative things happening, but today I am focusing on the positive. Positivity is on of the most important things in the word. It has been proven to help people with illness and overcome the most negative things in the world, I think that optimism is just what the blogging world needs. I came up with idea in earlier this month and Erica and Zoe encouraged me to post it. It is a week full of posts by different bloggers. If you would like to do your own post, just add the link to Mister Linky and I'll visit your post.
There are a lot of great people that I seriously love and think of best friends or even lost sisters. For example, Zoe and I started around the same time. We have linked minds and seem to think the same about books, movies, and TV shows. I could never imagine my life without her. I mean we live over 1000 miles away and have never met, but I feel like I know her like my sisters. Khy is also super amazing. She always seems to be upbeat. She also has the same obsessions as me. Erica does show choir which is incredibly cool of her and is also amazing. There are so many other amazing people like Adele, Devyn, Korianne, Kristi, Alicia, James, Chelsea, Hope, Jordyn, Yan, Carol, Mitali and a million other people. I would rather have the friendships that I have then any ARC that I could possibly ever get. These people have changed my life for the better. They make me laugh on skype and fangirl characters on Twitter. They also text me random silly inside jokes, usually about Mean Girls, Lady Gaga, or Doctor Who. Seriously, I love the bloggers that I have met and can't wait to meet a lot of them in person at BEA.
Blogging has also allowed me the opportunity to meet so many amazing author and even talk to them thru email or twitter. For example, I consider Courtney Summers to be like an idol. She is less then 30 and has wrote two of my most favorite books ever. I don't think that I would ever discover her books, if it weren't for blogging. I hope to have her sucess in writing someday. I also have gotten to know Holly Cupala and Kimberly Derting pretty well, before their books came out. I am really excited for the success that they will face with their amazing books. I am also excited for Victoria Schwab, Daisy Whitney, and Kody Keplinger's books. I am sure that they will be as amazing as they are.
My writing has also became a lot more amazing and detailed. I have done NaNoWriMo twice in the last two years. Last November, I was able to write one book and am now editing it. I think that without Book Blogging, my writing would be as lame as it was in the last few years. Anyways, blogging has made my life a lot more amazing.
Here are the other bloggers and I hope that you visit them.
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Friday April 30th: The Page Flipper
Saturday May 1st: The Compulsive Reader

I had to use an unpaid Mister Linky... so it is some random meme... lol


  1. This is a great post. I'm new to book blogging, but I've become super close with a few girl bloggers through a personal blog I keep and it's amazing. Some of us have never met and some of us have only ever met once in passing but I'm closer to them than I am some of my in person friends. Blogging is an amazing medium for building relationships. Thanks for sharing this.

    P.S. I discovered The Page Flipper from your site a few weeks back. Love it!

  2. Glad that you love Chelsea's blog. It is so amazing!
    Also I hope you find a lot of great blogger friends. =)

  3. ooo! I want to do one! :) Thank you for the post.


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