Tuesday, September 2, 2008


School starts tommorrow and I am not ready. I can't sleep, again... which is not good.
I had an infusion today and my blood pressure was really low... so I might have to get infusion more often.
Ugh, I am on first reader program for Harper Colins, and my review was due on the 1st, but the site is down. I also have been freaking about the It group ran by Simon Pluse... because I haven't got a link for a review link... turns out they are skipping it this month.
I think I will go to bed soon.
Love, Sarah.

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  1. Yeah, I decided to still allow myself readergirlz, since I'd really been looking forward to this month's discussions.

    I hope school goes well for you today. Oh, and I'm having the same problem with Harper Collins...but oh well, since I haven't finished the book yet... :-/


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