Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yay! New Bookshelf

I have needed a bookshelf, since about a week after my bookshelf. My books are doublestacked and there is a stack on the top that I have to get a stool to reach any of the books on there. I think if there was an earthquake, I would be found under a pile of books like three days later. Anyways, CSN Office Furniture contacted me recently about reviewing any piece of furniture and telling you about my experience on their site. Anyways, I found the site easy to navigate. You have a choice of over a thousand bookshelves. That beats Walmart and Ikea's options big time. The bookshelfs look very pretty. You can sort them by the price, brand, width, depth, hieght, number of shelves, type, style, finish, features, and consturction in order to get the perfect bookshelf for you. They have a lot of other awesome Office furniture.Like I love this bookshelf, because I can imagine all the books that I can stuff into it. It isn't my style, but there are tons on the site that are. Anyways, I will be picking a bookshelf from here and reviewing it. So, check back and see which one that I picked, and also checked out the site for awesome furniture. A lot of it is on sale and has free shipping!


  1. omg I think they contacted everyone except poor Sharon here. :( Oh well enjoy your new bookshelf!

  2. Lovely bookshelf! I'm in the process of shopping for me a new office collection b/c my books are overflowing. I'll have to check out this site.

  3. That's awesome! I'll have to check out that site - I'm getting my brothers room, and that means I get new book shelves. Which is good, as right now my books on my one tiny book shelf are double stacked with a row on top, or in bins, or stacked on my desk.


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