About the Blogger: Sarah Woodard

My name is Sarah Woodard. I am twenty-four years old girl that lives in Seattle. I am a graduate from Seattle University with a BA in Creative Writing. I like The Walking Dead, Unicorns, and the smell of rain. I don't like green peppers, cliffhangers, Mary Sues. I have been reading, my whole life and just love the way that words flow on a page and creates a new person and a different world.
When I am not reading, I am usually writing, hanging out with friends and family, watching movies or TV, listening to music,of  baking or cooking, I should mention that I have immune disorder that makes me sick a lot but it is only a minor part of my life.
I am able to go to a lot of book events, because Seattle is an amazing city to live in.
Zoe from Zoe's Book Reviews and Khyrinthia from Frenetic Reader were definitely my sisters in a past life.
A lot of people call me Sarahbear, it is a nickname from my mum, but you can use that or just call be Sarah.


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