Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a "brief" introduction

So, if you know me, just a bit. Then you probably know that I like a lot of thing in what could be termed as obsessive. One of those things is Doctor Who.
I was eight years old, when my dad had me watch my first Doctor Who episode. I can't remember, which one, but I know that it had Five in it. I also know that I loved it and started watching it after that.
So here is a quick introduction to the Whoniverse and such. There are spoilers... so beware.
This is the Doctor. He is Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He travels on a TARDIS(aka Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space.) The TARDIS looks like a police call box used in the 60's There isn't a lot known about his childhood or family. In the beginning series, he had a granddaughter, Susan Foreman, but it is an alias.
The Doctor tries to solve things by reasoning and not by a use of weapons. He carries his sonic screwdriver like a second hand. He has been known to meet historical figures, such as Shakespeare, Marco Polo, and Elizabeth I. Each Doctor Regeneration has a different personality and signature items. Ten has his converse and Trench coat. Four has it scarf. It is also said that a doctor can only regenerate 12 times, in the other words have 13 lives. During the Regeneration process, the Doctor has extra energy and would be able to re-grow limbs and such. We don't even know the Doctor's name or much of his past, which makes it really interesting. The Doctor is currently played by David Tennant
Now to go on an explanation of Daleks, Cybermen, and The Master.
Dalek look pretty cute. I asked my dad, if I could have one at the age of nine and he said that would be like giving a loaded pistol.
I soon learn what that meant.
Daleks are a soulless creatures. That don't like anything Unique or Original about anything and are famous for the line, "Exterminate!" Their only passion is death and destruction. There voice in monotone and just plain ugly. Underneath the shell is a body that looks a lot a squid in my opinion, just uglier. Daleks were also created by Davros. The screenwriter of the first episode, where Daleks come in, made Davros to be a scientist with strong fascist tendencies.
Daleks and Davros are often believed to be Dead, but somehow they always survive. This angers the Docter, because of all that he lost in the Time War. The Ninth version of The Doctor though that he was the remaining person of the war, but is constantly running in to Daleks. Daleks are also overconfident, which runs to their end.
Now to Cybermen...
Cybermen have the brain of humans, but without any emotions. Like Daleks they are in a metal case and don't feel anything. Earlier Cybermen were from Mondas, which was knocked out of orbit. Since they had advance technology and such. They decided to turn themselves in to machines. Then being smart, turn everything that they conquer in to Cybermen. The Doctor has so far been able to defeat them, even with there advance technology. In a parallel universe, the Doctor and his companion, Rose found Cybermen created by John Lumic. He was terminately ill and wanted to live longer. The Doctor was able to defeat the Cybermen. Later in the Series, The Cybermen are sent in to the void, along with some daleks. Since they have a certain type of dust on them. This is known as the Battle of Canary Wharf. The Cybermen appear again in last years Christmas special, escaping the Void. Cypermen also have ranks, such as Cyber Leader, Cyber Lieutenant, Cyber Scout, Cyber Controller, Cyber Planner, and Cyber Director.
The Master is sort of crazy and Insane. The Master has had more then 13 lives somehow. The Doctor and The Master were childhood friends, but now have different motives. The Doctor wants help others, while the Master wants to control them. Both are very intelligent. The Master's weakness is his own vanity and pride. The Master also has a weird sense of humor. After the Time War, The Doctor thinks he is the last of this kind, but it turns out that the Master turned himself human and escaped the time war. He created Professor Yana, using a fob watch. The Master creates a paradox and tries to destroy the future of the human race. The Doctor stops with the help of Martha Jones. The Master then gets shot by his then wife and refuses to regenerate. The Doctor cremates him on a prye. A female hand with long, bright red fingernails picks up this ring. Currently there are no plans to bring him back. I find him a interesting villain.
So, This is just the tip of the iceberg on Doctor Who. I can totally do more post like this, if you like it. I spent 4 hours on this... so yeah.
Love Sarah.


  1. I've never seen Dr. Who actually but I promise to see it now!

  2. I've never actually watched Dr. Who either but it looks good and so many people like it. I guess I'll have to give it a go too.

  3. I used to watch the really old Dr. Who with my parents!

  4. Great introduction to the Doctor and the Who universe. I love this show!! Will be interesting to see what Matt Smith will be like as the Doctor.

    By the way, here's a link to that Dalek pic I snapped in Waterstones:

  5. Alright, I must watch this show! :)

  6. if you havent seen this show you really need too! its one of the best shows ion the whole world. and david tennant is sooooooo hott


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