Review Policy

I read anywhere from five to thirty books a month and review when I can. I love to read and find it really relaxing, but I am a  recent graduate applying for jobs and Grad school. I have free time between that and lover to read books.  I also like writing reviews, interviewing, and just plain lusting over books. I read mostly Young Adult novels. I like YA crossovers, Middle Grade and the occasion adult novel. I am not a huge fan of Nonfiction, but if it is something that I want to learn about... I have a few random interest, so just ask.

If you want me to review your book, please e-mail me. I would like to ask that if you do, please include your summary and any other details about the book, like a website or trailer. Sorry, I don't read self-published books. I will accept books from both large and small publishers. I currently don't accept E-book formats.
About timing, I try to review books as close to their release date as possible. Sometimes, I can't get into a book and will have try to read it at another time. I am sorry that I can't guarantee a review at a certain time unless given a month to read a book.

I love doing interviews.  Just E-mail me about it and we can set something up.
Guest Blog
Guest blogs are a great way to promote your book.. Just come up with an idea and e-mail me about it.
If you want me to host a contest for you for anything. Email me all the details. I'll need to know what the prize is exactly, the mailing restrictions, and the timeline for when the contest should end.
I get 50-100 visit a day, 400-700 visit a week, and around 1600-2100 visits a month.


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